Dallas Tales – Eight New Friends



It’s a beautiful fall day and a fun trip to Dallas is in the works. I know the drill when Mama is packing . I know we’re going on a trip when she begins to pack the car. When my kennel goes in the car I get sooooo excited. I love road trippin’! Since I was just a pup and only a few months old I’ve been going on trips to Dallas and The Woodlands. I have cousins in each town. BIG cousins. I figure we’re going to Uncle Craig’s who has two big Irish Crème Golden Retrievers, Felix and new pup Coco. Felix is lots of fun and we wrestle and play quite well together. Little Coco is still just a bit wild as she’s still a pup. On this particular trip Mama tells me there’s a nice lady in Dallas, Patty, who will be keeping me. Mama says that Patty has some pups of her own and is an incredible animal lover. You see, Coco had recent surgery and should not be wrestling; therefore Mama decided to let Ms. Patty keep me. Patty had kept one of my older brother pups before when Mama had to evacuate for hurricanes. So Patty was not a total stranger to Mama. I always trust that Mama makes good choices for me so no worries here. It’s been an uneventful drive up to Dallas as always. We made our usual potty stops. Yawn…..I’m ready to be there. “Are we there yet?” Finally we turn onto Strait Street in Dallas. My goodness, it’s beautiful here. Great big houses and beautiful lawns. Just down a ways Patty lives on a cul-de-sac. Great walking spots around this neighborhood I can tell. Mama said Patty will take me on walks every day. Fun stuff. We finally arrive at Ms. Patty’s and Mama gets me on the leash for one last potty time before we ring the bell at her house. “Listen…..do I hear dogs barking? Mama, I hear dogs barking as in the plural sense. Does Patty have dogs?” Yes, Dallas, Patty has dogs, Mama tells me. We ring the doorbell and Ms. Patty opens the door. Now I hear lots of dogs barking. We enter the home with Mama holding me and I gasp when I see so many dogs. Eight dogs total! Mama! You’re gonna leave me with eight other dogs? I’ll be eaten alive! I’m so little! Mama tells me to settle down. The first dog to greet me is Rally. Rally only has three legs and is a shepherd mix. Did the pit bull, Tasker, bite her leg off? Mama, I ain’t staying I say as I snuggle real tight under her arm. What, not another german shepherd mix. Laramie comes grinning, wanting to play. Oh no, another german sheperd mix, Stryker, is licking my feet! There’s another Belgian shepherd with the sweetest eyes, Chose is her name. Well, Chose looks really sweet. Another 3 dogs are nearby, Elsa and two others that, well, I didn’t get their names. I mean, I am a little overwhelmed. I’ve never been in the room with eight dogs! Actually six or seven cause Ms. Patty kept the pit in another room. A real sweetheart was Tasker the pit but thanks Ms. Patty. Whew. And just like that after Mama gave Ms. Patty all my likes and dislikes she was gone. For four days! I ran for my kennel, my safe spot. It’s gonna be a long four days. Rally, the sweet three legged dog came over and befriended me quickly. She explained how she lost her leg and that the pit bull didn’t bite her leg off. Well, that was a relief! Rally also explained how much fun it was at Ms. Patty’s house. Fun, with eight dogs? Yes, fun, Rally said. Rally coaxed me out of my kennel to meet the other dogs. Ok, I can do this. Like I said Mama always knows her stuff. One by one Rally introduced me to Laramie, Stryker, Elsa, Chose and the other two. I met Tasker the pit by barking across the divider as Rally had me to do. Tasker is a great pup but sometimes gets a little nervous when meeting strange pups so Ms. Patty thought it best to keep us separated a bit. Thanks, Ms. Patty! Geez, this is gonna be a really fun experience. Things are so organized. Water bowls everywhere, food bowls everywhere when it’s time for dinner. The first day went great. Ms. Patty leashed up five dogs at once. What? How can she manage five dogs on a walk? Let me just tell you Ms. Patty is the dog whisperer! She speaks our language for sure. I have never seen anyone like her. She teaches us all how to get along and take turns. She is so sweet. By the first night I knew I was gonna be ok. I snuggled in my bed that night thanking the good Lord for my sweet Mama. I knew she would never leave me any place that would not be the best. And this home is just the best! The next few days went by way to quickly. I was having so much fun I didn’t want my stay to end. We took walks every day. Rally and I became best friends. When Mama came for me I didn’t want to leave. Thanks Ms. Patty for this fun experience. I can’t wait to see Ms. Patty again!

Dallas Tales – Camp’s Over


Just like that another year of camp has come and gone. This little camper has had the time of her life! But hey it’s not over till it’s over. We’ve still got chapters to write so lets go!

I barked all my friends up out from under the camp house porch to our meeting area down by the lake. We’ve all decided we would really like to try that big slide that goes directly into the water. I thought the best time to try that out might be during the kid’s quiet time each day. So now all that’s left to figure out is how to get everyone up that big ladder. Geez, that might be a problem but hey we’re going for it. I told my pup friends I would go first. Now why did I do that? That ladder looks so scary. But it’s too late to back out now. Carefully I hop onto the first step then I just pretend I am climbing the stairs at Felix and Coco’s house. Careful Dallas, don’t miss a step and for goodness sake don’t look down. So far so good. Yay, I made it to the top. Come on guys you can make it. I turned around to look down that big red slide and I almost fainted. I had no idea I was so high up. I was concentrating so hard on climbing the steps that I didn’t realize how tall this slide was. Gulp! Me and my big mouth. Why did I say, “Oh, I will go first”! Dallas, what were you thinking? Now there’s only one way out of this mess I’ve gotten myself into. I gotta slide. Yep, I’ve just got to say a quick prayer, jump on that slide headfirst and do a belly flop into the lake. I will either look like a complete idiot or the biggest hero at camp. We’ll see. Here goes. Lord help me to make it down and not drown. Help me to look like I know what I’m doing! Here I go! Yelp, yelp, yelp, yelp, ahhhhhhhhh, woosh! There it’s done. I am above water, dog paddling to the side like a world-class seasoned diver that knows completely what I’m doing. Yes! I say to myself when all at once I hear all the pups giving me ten paws up, barking wildly in approval, shouting, Dallas, you’re our champ! I gotta tell ya, I felt pretty good about myself. Talk about a camp experience, this one just about tops them all. Radar, Felix, Coco, Bear, Luke and Laci ran to meet me and were all giddy about my first slide down ole red. I asked why no one followed me up the slide. One by one they all had excuses of why they hadn’t followed. They all admitted it looked like such fun but they chose not to slide. I guess I just set the bar pretty high for next year. Whew, at least I don’t have to slide again. Truthfully, I was scared out of my wits going down that big slide. I thought it was lights out, goodbye Dallas and Dallas Tales right along with it. Thank you Lord for saving me from my bad choices. He does that sometimes but oh, we shouldn’t put Him to the test like that!

We’ve decided to have our own campfire tonight way out near the big rock. Everyone has brought sticks all day to put on the pile. Radar has put a big piece of paper under the pile, I have brought a small magnifying glass I found on the campground. The sun will shine through that magnifying glass onto the paper and poof, we’ll have our campfire. I mean dogs can’t make a fire any other way. It’s finally dark and the fire has a nice glow. Radar is the camp chairman and storyteller. He tells the best tales at night. I just love listening to old Radar. He begins his story tonight telling of when he was a young pup. He grew up way out in the country. He never had any brothers or sisters. That’s why he was always so excited to come to camp. He waits all year just for this week. So Radar goes on with his story. Radar says; like I was saying, I grew up way out in the country. It was so dark out there we had to pipe daylight in just to get some light. The trees were big and tall, casting shadows everywhere. One bright moonlit night I was almost asleep when I heard the most gosh awful scream. I jumped so high I hit the roof of my doghouse. I eased out and looked around when all of a sudden, our old cat raced by so fast I thought her hair was three feet behind her. What in the world was going on? I tiptoed on around the corner when to my shock I saw the biggest colony of bats I have ever seen. They were all hanging on the back porch of the old house. I always heard that those bats would jump on your back and suck all the blood right from your body. Geez, Louise! I normally sneaked in the old house every night after everyone was asleep, pushing the old screen door just right to let myself inside. Well, those bats look like they’re asleep so maybe if I just barely try to pull the door open I won’t disturb them. Careful Radar. I take my paw and catch the bottom of the door. Good, this is gonna work just right, I’ll be inside in no time at all. All of a sudden my paw slips off the door, the door slams shut so loud all those bats come swooping down towards my back. Woof, woof and woof. Help, I’m being attacked and eaten by bats. I remember the old water tub down by the barn filled with water, so I make a run for the tub and jump in and stay under water for a minute. I stayed just long enough to let those blood sucking bats fly on back to their cave out in the woods. Whew, that was a close call.

Radar says. pup friends its time to tap out our campfire, but before we go I think we should nominate Dallas to be our camp chairman next year. Dallas’ brave slide today convinced me of how brave she is and to be chairman you must be brave. You must also care about one another and Dallas has proven her friendship by taking such good care of little Coco during her first camp this year. So pup friends, time to tap out the campfire. Turn around and start digging. Sling the dirt onto the fire until it goes out. The big dog tap out is complete. See ya next year. Woof Woof!

Dallas Tales – July 4th


My third week at camp is proving to be really exciting. Finally cousin Luke arrived today and you’re not going to believe it but he sneaked Laci the cat into camp with him. Oh my goodness it’s the first time a cat has been to camp. Laci is very clever and really knows how to hide so this may get very interesting. What ever will we find for Laci to eat? All of us pups hang around the kitchen back door and scrounge for scraps. I suppose Laci will figure it out. I’m told she really loves rat so I suppose that will be the end of our rat meatloaf for a while. But wait, maybe she’ll catch a big ole supply of rats and leave them at the back door of the kitchen. Then we can have our full menu of rat main dishes. Other than my favorite, rat meatloaf, we all love rat burgers, fried rat legs, rat soup, rat nachos and rat tacos. So I’m not worried at all about Laci.

I hear there’s to be a huge bonfire tonight down by the lake. I sure hope those coyotes across the lake don’t decide to make a surprise visit tonight. I heard they really love cat meat! Yikes, Laci, stick close to me and especially our camp chairman Radar. Bear is even bigger than Radar so I think we’ll all be ok. I sure hope those kids toast marshmallows and make smores. There’s normally tons of scraps because all those kids drop their marshmallows and graham crackers before they ever begin toasting. Yum, I can hardly wait. But until then it’s play time. Little Coco and I have been hard at work digging holes all under the front porch of the main cabin. We have made tunnels from the main camp to each cabin. That way we are connected underground and can hide when too many kids are screaming and running. After digging all those tunnels Coco and I headed to the lake for a swim. Little Coco’s white fur looked solid gray from all the dirt we dug out and well I looked pretty gray myself. Dive in Coco! Watch me. I go out on the edge of a big old root sticking out over the water and dive. Come on, it’s fun. Coco soon got the hang of how to dive. We were having a great time when all of a sudden I looked up and saw all of the camp kids. They were jumping in for their afternoon swim. Talk about speed dog paddling, Coco and I hurried to the side of the lake and got out of their way. Those kids soon began jumping on that huge blob and bouncing all over! I tell you, we got out just in time. I thought those kids were in craft time but I suppose we were greatly mistaken.

After a cool nap under some trees, Coco and I caught up to all our pup friends. Where have you all been this afternoon I asked Radar. Radar said, we ran into town and waited outside this really great steak house for scraps. It was beyond amazing!

Seriously? You didn’t wait for me and little Coco? Coco and I have worked hard all afternoon digging our tunnels. What about Laci? Where was she all this time. Radar said, Laci is the one who directed us to the steakhouse. Cats have a very keen sense of smell so she had no trouble at all finding the best place to hang out as we waited for scraps of food. Well, thanks a lot for sharing with me and Coco.

Evening is here and all the kids are down by the lake waiting to make smores. Pop, pop, pop, bang! Radar, what’s that loud noise? It sounds like lightning. Oh no, wait. I see sparkles up in the sky. Please tell me its not fireworks! No! Those things hurt my little ears so bad and they are so scary! They are sort of pretty with all the colors they create up in the night sky. Coco is shivering and she’s so scared and Laci ran up a nearby tree. Run for the tunnels everyone! We can wait there until the fireworks are done. Just when I thought we were going to have a lovely evening. It will be midnight now before we can go scavenge for smores leftovers.

So down in the tunnels it’s story time. Coco asks, why do all the kids like fireworks? Radar, the wise camp chairman tells him they have this celebration each year on July 4th to celebrate the birth of our great country, The United States of America!

Dallas Tales – Coyotes Across The Lake


I returned to camp early today exhausted from chasing those goofy chickens out of my yard. They had pooped and scratched their way across the entire yard. They ate all of Mama’s figs in the backyard and boy was she mad about that! Those chickens are finally gone, thank goodness. A good rain and my backyard will be as good as new, washing that chicken poop away.

A lot happened at camp while I was gone for those few days. I learned that coyotes had been heard howling every night from across Inks Lake from the cabins. Poor little Coco, my youngest retriever cousin, was scared to death. She’s a city dog and hadn’t heard coyotes howl before this camp. The sun is setting and the kids are all about to go in for the night. My dog cousins and I are scouting for scraps around the back door of the kitchen. The camp chef has tossed out all sorts of incredible left overs tonight. Yum! A feast of pizza crusts, cheese bread and that delicious cinnamon sugar crust with butter. Hey Felix, I think you’ll love the pizza crusts best! Those crazy kids must be out of their minds to leave even one crumb of the cinnamon sugar crust! It’s my very favorite. Mercy sakes alive what was that piercing howl? Coco, come near to me and don’t leave my side. Radar, where are you? Felix and Bear, what did I just hear? Radar ran and gathered us into our den we had made for ourselves under the front porch of the main camp house. Radar told us not to move and for goodness sake, no barking or whimpering. Radar told us to stay put because he was pretty certain the howl we heard was a coyote. Radar went out to the edge of the lake very quietly. He listened and looked for a really long time. The howling began again along with more howls. There must have been 12 coyotes now all singing together in what sounded like a concert. Then quiet. We then heard Radar began his deepest, meanest growl that sounded very similar to the howls of the coyotes. I’m told that when coyotes howl they are marking their territory, basically saying, this is my spot and don’t come near. I suppose Radar was doing the same in his most stern voice by the way he was growling and howling. Whatever Radar was doing it sounded pretty impressive. Now old Radar has been coming to camp for years. He told us a story a few years back about an encounter he had with a young coyote across the lake. Radar had decided to swim across the lake that night and see if he might find some young rabbits for dinner. He came face to face with a pack of coyotes as he climbed onto the shore on the other side. The coyotes came up to him and surrounded him. Although he was terrified he never let on that he was scared. He stood his ground. Radar asked to see the coyote in charge. A big coyote known as Aztec pranced out and came up to Radar and said, “you asked to see me?” Radar answered with his bravest voice, “yes, I did”. “I have come in peace to find food for my friends across the lake.” As luck would have it rabbits had been extremely plentiful that season. The big coyote, Aztec, told Radar he could have what he needed this time but that he should never swim back across the lake to their side as that was coyote territory. Aztec and Radar growled a sound only the two of them understood that night. Radar returned across the lake with the rabbits and never returned. Tonight we all snuggled close to each other and listened for what seemed an eternity as we heard first Radar and then the big coyote on the other side of the lake. It was if they were talking to each other back and forth as they took turns howling. Was it old Aztec he was talking to that night? Soon Radar was back under the porch with all us terrified pups. “Radar, what was all that howling?” Radar, we’re scared! Are those coyotes gonna come and eat us for dinner? In his most calming voice ever, old Radar began telling us that he had promised old Aztec that night long ago that he would never return across the lake into coyote territory. All that howling tonight was just Radar and Aztec remembering old times and the promises they had made to stay out of each other’s territories. You see when you make a promise to someone you always keep your word. You always do the right thing. Friends forever, old Radar and Aztec.



Dallas Tales – Second Week at Camp


Whelp, it’s my second week of Longhorn Camp. It’s taken me all week to round up my pup friends. Some were late getting to camp so our sleeping arrangements kept changing every day. Little Coco was a little homesick so I spent lots of time showing her around camp. It’s her first year so she didn’t understand how things worked. Things like where to get her food, water and treats. When I explained that camp would be one big scavenger hunt for food every day she almost fainted! The truth is I thought the same thing my first year at camp. Thank goodness for the friends I made that first year. They took me under their wing and in no time at all I knew where to find everything.

I am very excited to see rat meatloaf is still on the menu this year. It was my very favorite last year. I can’t wait to see the look on Coco’s face when she sees that meatloaf. I bet that beautiful little white furry face will turn green after I tell her what’s she’s eating. But it’s really really good if she’ll just taste a bite. Well rats, no treats tonight; the big dogs beat us to the back door of the camp kitchen. I’ll post a pup there tomorrow evening early to guard those treats.

It’s been such a big day of swimming in the lake, running all over chasing rabbits and trying to dodge all these kids. We try to stay hidden most of the day and come out at night when all those little campers are in their cabins. It’s the first night for all the pups to be in camp and the oldest pup this year is my big Rottweiler friend named Radar. The oldest pup is always the master storyteller for camp each year. It’s great to be friends with Radar because no one messes with Radar! He’s big, bad and loud! He’s got a bark that would scare the horns off a longhorn. Oh my, I just know he’s gonna tell that really scary story that had Felix running under the porch last year. Poor little Coco is about to be welcomed to camp! But don’t worry I’ll take good care of her.

Tomorrow I have to leave camp for a few days and return home. It seems two chickens back home have invaded my yard. Chickens? For real? We’ll see about that!

Dallas Tales – The Chicken Wrangler


Merciful heaven, my Mama done turned into a chicken wrangler! So embarrassing! It all began last week when a couple of chickens, Cluck and Peep, from next door decided to come over and eat bugs in my back yard. I named the white chicken Cluck cause she just kept on clucking. The red one I named Peep cause she stayed hidden behind the bushes but continued to peep out. These chickens were gifts for the little kids next door at Easter from their parents. Like all cute little biddies, they grow up to be chickens. Yesterday I went out like always to run my traps and check the perimeter of my yard. Afterwards I always take a little sunbath, stretch and enjoy the fresh air. This day I ran straight for the back corner of my yard when I spied something different in the bushes. Now Mama just thought it was a dove or squirrel because we have lots of both. All of a sudden the race was on when across the yard Cluck ran for her life. Mama screamed at the top of her lungs, “Dallas, stop”! I stopped and laid down in the grass and let that goofy chicken get away. I still can’t believe I let Cluck get away. But I really don’t like to disappoint Mama so I listened and stopped. Mama came and picked me up and praised me greatly for stopping. I was a little confused by all that but at least I got a couple of treats out of the deal. The next day Cluck and Peep were back again digging for bugs in the pine straw. I’m a fast learner so I refused to go out into the yard to take care of business. No way I was gonna get yelled at again because of a stupid chicken! That’s when it happened; my Mama became a chicken wrangler on the spot. Mama went running out into the yard making all kinds of noise to scare the chickens back into their yard. Today it was pouring rain all morning. It’s really hard to go potty in the rain but I manage. What, Cluck and Peep are back again! Now it’s raining cats and dogs, the chicks have pooped on the patio; it smells like a chicken yard. Seriously, I’m going inside Mama. I didn’t sign up to live in a chicken yard. I was watching from the window as Mama put on her rubber boots, her raincoat and grabbed a yard rake from the garage. She yelled and chased those chickens down two sides of the fence hemming them in behind the big fig tree in the corner. She was making all kinds of noise before she managed to scoot them out of my yard and back into their yard. I didn’t know Mama could move that fast and I certainly didn’t know she was a chicken wrangler. Be careful Mama, I don’t know how to call 911 yet.

Dallas Tales – Shopping At Maida’s


Dallas Tales – Shopping At Maida’s Belts and Buckles

I think I have this puppy psychology down pretty good by now. I have lived with Mama Gayle almost three years. She’s a sweetheart and loves to travel but I get lonely when she’s gone. I miss her terribly. Last week she was packing to go see her grandson, Carter, graduate high school. I could tell she was not packing my items to be included on this trip. No leash, halter, food, treats were jumping into my travel bag! Seriously? With some quick thinking I came up with a plan. I would lay on the rug leading to the back door and look really pitiful. Well, that didn’t work, so I whined a little. That didn’t work. She gave me some story about needing to go into Houston to this very upscale belt and buckle store. Lots of gorgeous leather items and incredible silver and gold buckles made especially for their store, Maida’s Belts and Buckles, www.maidasbelts.com . Anyway, so what, I know about all those things because my favorite Daddy had one of those handsome belts. He let me sniff and look at his belts cause he was a cool Dad. She was about to leave any second so I had to pull out all the stops and play the ole prayer hands act. This is where I sit back on my little hiney; hold up my little paws together resembling prayer hands and whine. Yep, she fell hook, line and sinker. That whiney, hiney trick always works with her. She proceeded to tell me we had to bring my matching leash and halter since we would be shopping on Westheimer in Houston. She was hoping store policy wouldn’t keep me from entering the store. I told her I’d bring all my charm to the table, not to worry. After the long ride over to Houston she snapped the leash and into the store we went. At first I didn’t think I would get to stay but after a few minutes I charmed my way into the hearts of their employees. Mama made a quick purchase while I surveyed the store. Just about that time I heard a loud squawk! What in the world? Save me Mama! I looked and my eyes fell upon a huge parrot in a cage near the counter where I was standing. If he comes out of that cage he might bite my ear off. The owners quickly dispel my fears and tell me he’s harmless. Nice to meet you, Nelson the parrot. Several employees seemed to think Jack Russell’s were cute. Whew, thank heavens for my pedigree! They spoke lots of nice words to me and even posed with me for a photo. I fell in love with that store. The folks there were very friendly. I liked the smells inside; all the leather reminded me of my trip to the farm. I think Nelson would be a great asset when I escape every now and then on Mama’s trips to Houston. He could swoop down and unlatch the kennels for me and my friends who might be staying nearby. You see, when Mama checks into a hotel, I look around to see what other dogs might be staying as well. I signal those pups with my special soft growl letting them know when their parents are out for the night we’ll be patrolling all of Houston’s finest restaurant dumpsters nearby. Do you realize just how much good stuff they throw in those dumpsters? Geez, Nelson can fly therefore he could swoop at will into those dumpsters for all of us. He would also be a great asset to take care of those pesky rats that lurk nearby. Surely he knows how too finagle opening his cage door to sail out of the store as they lock the door for the night at Maida’s. You think Nelson speaks puppylese? Next time I visit Maida’s I’ll have a conversation with ole Nelson about restaurant dumpster diving with me and my crew. We’ll be best friends in no time at all. I mean, who could resist this sweet puppy face? See ya soon Nelson.

HEB The New Walmart

Clue number one…..a broken jar of something red at the entrance to the HEB parking lot. I dodged whatever it was to avoid a flat tire immediately on entering the parking lot. Clue number two….a young male driving a minivan obviously didn’t take drivers training to know the proper way of driving in a parking lot. The minivan driver coming out of a lane doesn’t stop and pulled directly in front of me. O my goodness, he escaped the honking wrath of said driver. OK, so I drive on up to find a parking spot. Since the advent of lazy people too important to enter the grocery store HEB has now reserved 12 parking spots for those call ahead shoppers, and prime spots I might add have been reserved. Across the isle from those reserved spots there are another 5 spots reserved for mothers with small children or expectant mothers, 5 handicapped parking spots. On a late Sunday afternoon those 22 prime spots are virtually empty. I circle the lot looking for a spot to park only to find all available spots are in close proximity to Dowlen Road. Excuse me but I have a problem with all this exclusivity. I pull into a reserved for lazy man’s delivery spot hoping not to draw a ticket from the HEB police. Geez, I only need about two items. What’s the world coming to? I mean, I am a senior citizen! Doesn’t that count for something? I have a handicap parking tag in the console but it’s not for me and being very able to walk from Dowlen Road into the store I do have some pride left not to play that card. First of all HEB did a poor job of designing the parking lot as it relates to leaving the store. Checkouts are all weighted on one side of the store. I learned early on not to enter near the produce section because when you leave the store you are half way across the parking lot from where you parked. OK, they’re not going to redesign the store for Gayle. I get my few items and try to exit using another entrance from where the broken jar will surely cause a flat. Folks!!!!! Did your Mama never tell you it’s rude to walk out in front of a car? Backing out of a parking spot you have folks walking behind you, stop and wait. I pull forward and encounter more cows walking right in front of my car. Stop and wait, while tapping my fingers. It’s as if when folks enter a parking lot they forget all they have ever learned in drivers training or what they learned from their Mama! So, forget Wal-Mart…..it’s now the HEB people!

Dallas Tales…Goodbye My Favorite Daddy


The fall of 2017 was one of great confusion for me. Mama and my favorite Daddy were gone a lot. They would be here then gone for several days at a time. Mama’s friends took good care of me during those crazy months when I didn’t know what was going on. When they were home Daddy wasn’t going to work every day like he always had before. I really liked him being home with me every day. We could snuggle all the time in the mornings and I got lots of crumbs and treats. Then one day they were gone for a long time, twenty-six days to be exact. I didn’t see them the entire time. Mama’s friends took really good care of me and loved on me. Then one day Uncle Craig come and picked me up to go stay with cousin Felix in Dallas. I had a really great time wrestling and playing with Felix. It sort of took my mind off where Mama and Daddy could possibly be. Then one day it was time to come back home. Gee I was so glad to see Mama, but where was my favorite Daddy? He wasn’t with Mama when she came home. Mama picked me up and held me real close and told me he had gone to live with Jesus in heaven. Mercy I didn’t understand that at all. Every morning I went to Daddy’s bedroom to look for him. I would lie on their bedroom floor like I always used to do when he was getting ready for work in the mornings. Surely he was just out getting the paper and would return soon. Mama would come find me whining in their bedroom. She is so sweet to me and many times she would lie on the floor beside me and cry with me. It’s been three months now since Daddy went to live in heaven with Jesus. I miss him so very much. Mama tries to give me lots of extra attention but I can hear her cry too sometimes so I go and help her just like she helps me. I am really trying to understand this whole heaven thing but it’s really hard. Mama tells me everything will be ok and that together we will be ok. She tells me that God is watching over and protecting us both. I just have to trust her cause I love her very much. She’s a really sweet Mama. But I miss my favorite Daddy so much. I love you Daddy!

Dallas Tales – Room Service Please

IMG_2826I arrived to quite the reception recently at Hyatt Place in The Woodlands near Hughes Landing. I’m sure they heard a star was arriving so they pulled out all the stops for little old me. They greeted me with a lovely packet of my most favorite dog biscuits and a special tag to hang on my door. They wanted contact information in the event I needed anything while Mama was out. The ladies thought I was just the sweetest! Well enough of that, after all Mama told me not to talk about myself so….shhhhh, don’t say anything. She’ll never know.

The room was just lovely. Very large so I could run all I wanted. There were big windows with lots of sunshine for my daily sunbaths. But that fluffy bed with all those pillows, wow, I thought I was in heaven. When Mama rounded the corner and saw me all snuggled into those pillows I thought for sure I was in trouble. Boy was I glad to see that big smile on her face. I could get used to this. Let me see, do they have doggie room service here? I certainly hope they have fresh apples chunks, my absolute favorite snack. Mama peels my apples and cuts them really small. I’m certain they serve peanut butter and spray cheese as well. Just tiny bits, after all I am a dog but I really love my snacks.

Well Mama and my favorite Daddy left me in the kennel so they could go see their grandson play his last football game of the regular season. I took a little nap and woke up to such a quiet room. It’s really quiet here and that’s why Mama always likes to stay here. I lay there for a while and thought; I remember a poodle in the lobby when I checked into the hotel. There was also a golden retriever and a mixed breed golden lab. We barked hello to each other and I gave them the paws up that there may just be a party later on if the parents went out tonight. I also signaled a special bark if indeed I thought the party could happen. Giddy up, the parents are out! I finagled the kennel door until I got it open. Then I began to howl until the management came to find out if I was ok. When they opened the door I made my escape. I began the signal bark that I had arranged when my buddies checked into the hotel. It was a bark only known to my buddies and me. We met on the lawn and escaped into the nearby ditch. I happen to know there’s a great Whole Foods across the street that trashes all sorts of delectable items at closing time. I led the pack across the street, whew; the golden retriever is sort of slow and almost got smacked by a Mercedes! I woofed at him that if he got run over my Mama would punish me with that water sprayer she uses when I don’t obey. She thinks I’m scared of that little wimpy thing, I actually enjoy getting that cool little mist. Oh well, you just have to play the game. Yum, they threw out the salmon and sweet potatoes. I just love sweet potatoes, they are especially my favorite! The golden retriever loves the pizza, he would…..lol. The mixed breed lab was just over the moon with all the muffins that were in the trash. I tried to tell him those muffins had raisins but he wouldn’t listen. Yep, he barfed all the way back to the hotel. Well the persnickety poodle wouldn’t eat anything because she was waiting for the cheese soufflé. No soufflé sister. She put her nose in the air and headed backed to the hotel in a huff. Oh well, you just can’t please some people. And no, there was no room service, well at least for dogs. That’s ok, my Mama taught me to be resourceful! Love ya Mama!