Dallas Tales-Praise For The Team


It’s taken me days to come to my senses after that mad dash off the hillside escaping from first the hogs and then our brush with the coyotes. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think about hogs being out here. We see them at the deer camp all the time but we’re always in Dad’s truck. They look like harmless little farm animals from the truck; but baby on the ground they are something else! Thank heavens Felix put me in charge of that escape. Not that I don’t think for one minute Fee couldn’t have gotten us out of there. Fee demonstrated the most important quality of a good leader. When you are out of your range of expertise you reach out for the most qualified. Thanks for your vote of confidence Felix!

I wanna say right here and now my group of cousins are the smartest dogs ever. They listened and followed all my instructions to the letter. Even little first time camper Willow did a great job. Felix was a champ and gave everyone a sense that it was gonna be all right. Bear just by his powerful presence assured us we could get out of this problem safely. Little Luke helped Willow not be so nervous. Hank grew up a lot on this hillside and got serious when his fellow pups needed him. Coco followed Felix in standing tall in the face of danger. What a gang!

We’ve all learned so much at camp this year. That’s what camp is all about. So it’s off to bed early and we’ll have stories to tell for a very long time. Hey Dallas, asked Hank, “are we gonna tell scary stories tonight?” Little Willow starts shaking. Ummmmm, no Hank, I think we’ve all had enough action for a while.


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