Dallas Tales – Camp 2021

Campers pack your bags! Camp 2021 is gonna be an incredible year. This will be my fifth year coming to camp with my cousins. I wait all year for this day. Mama drove me up today and I’m telling you I could eat a horse. I never eat on the road so I have an appetite out of this world.  Myrtle’s here! I can’t believe she remembered this was the week for camp. I met Myrtle back in October at Cissy and Craig’s lake house. Myrtle stole a big rib eye steak right off their porch as Craig was busy inside getting things prepped for dinner. Oh wow, I’m really pumped that Myrtle remembered.

I am so ready to see my cousins, Felix, Coco, Bear, Luke, Hank and Willow. They are the most fun cousin dogs ever. It’s been a busy week at my house. Mom was making cinnamon rolls all week for Vacation Bible School. I have cinnamon dust in my nose and all I have smelled for days is cinnamon. I don’t even know if I will have an appetite for those cinnamon flavored treats Mom keeps for me. I’ve had so much icing that found it’s way onto the floor that I may not eat anything sweet for days. Barf! And if that weren’t enough Mamas decided she would make some of those cute little dessert boards for kids. I’ve never been so sick of chips, cookie crumbs, goldfish and something called Swedish Fish! What in the world? Are they from Sweden? Mama dropped a gummy worm on the floor! Wowzer, I snatched that thing and ran with it thinking it must be a small snake. I shook it and tossed it into the air. As soon as it left my mouth I caught a bit of the sweet taste. Huh, a sweet snake? I realized quickly it was a gummy worm. I like gummy worms but I need pizza bones and can hardly wait for pizza night. Those kids only eat a bite or two and now that I have a resident steak thief we’ll have plenty of pizza bones I’m thinking.

Yay, here come the cousins! Time to decide where we’ll camp for the week. I suppose the camp chairman can decide our hangout. We’ll need to elect a chairman the first night. I’m thinking it should be Bear this year. We’ll keep Felix as our camp storyteller since he is the elder camper. I can’t wait until he tells a scary story to see how Myrtle will react. Shhhhhh, don’t tell Myrtle about the scary stories.

Here comes Coco. Wait a minute, is that Coco? I mean it looks like Coco but most of her hair is red. Her entire head and ears are really dark red! “Coco, why do you have a red head?” Coco says, “whelp, the pantry was open and I thought I was able to reach the peanut butter crackers but instead I accidently got into the strawberry Kool-Aid! I accidently knocked down the Kool-Aid canister and it dumped right on my head. I begged Mom to take me and have it professionally removed but she said you’re only going to camp. You’ll be fine. I am so embarrassed. I guess those kids will think I’m Clifford The Big Red Dog.”

Here we go!

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