Dallas Tales – Myrtle The Steak Thief

It was Mom’s birthday dinner last night. Uncle Craig worked soooo hard to make her day very special. We headed to the lake, stopping to pick up some delicious Hutchins Bar-B-Que for lunch on our way. Geez it smelled so incredible. My pup cousins, Coco and Felix, arrived later in the afternoon and thats when I met Myrtle, a very lively young pup for sure. She’s a labrador greyhound mix who can run like greased lighting. She has gymnastic skills that enable her to walk a board fence like a tightrope. As darkness fell Myrtle ambled downhill to her cottage by the lake. Things are smelling good as Uncle Craig fired up the grill to prepare Mom’s favorite for dinner. Steak night! Hopefully there will be scraps for us pups. It was a lovely evening on the back porch where we decided to have dinner.Uncle Craig is scurrying in and out of the house while making certain the grill is just right before he plops the steaks on at the last minute. He prepped the steaks in his sous vide and placed the bag in the chair next to the grill. One more trip inside and he’ll be ready to finish those incredible steaks. Like a flash of light a blonde streak appeared out of the darkness. OMG…..Was that a bag I saw hanging from Myrtle’s mouth? No it couldn’t be. Surely not! Oh no…the ribeye is missing! The steak thief disappeared into the darkness with the stealth of a jaguar. I wonder how she’s gonna explain that messy plastic bag on her Dad’s porch? Myrtle’s pretty clever but she forgot one very important thing…the truth will always come out. And there’s always consequences. I do hope my new little friend didn’t have an upset tummy the next morning. I’m pretty excited to meet this gal Myrtle because she has some great skills. I’m hoping she decides to attend Camp Longhorn next summer with me and all my cousin pups. A steak thief might come in real handy!

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