Dallas Tales – Sayin’ My Prayers


What a narrow escape! I think the Lord indeed does answer those quick prayers! I have never been so scared in all my life. You know, my Mama told me I could pray anytime and I really believe her now. There’s no way we should have gotten out of that hog, coyote situation alive. But thanks be to God we made it. What a lesson we have all learned on this latest hike. First of all we didn’t plan well. Then we took the wrong trail. We ended up not only in the coyotes territory but encountered wild hogs too. Who knew those crazy hogs could run faster than a dog?

There will be lots of tales to tell tonight sitting around the campfire. Poor little Willow may never come back. Well I think she will. I will tell you, she was quite the trooper to be so young. Come on Felix, Hank, Coco, Luke, Willow and Bear we all deserve some treats. I think I know a good spot to snag some leftovers. The kids are having hot dogs and hamburgers tonight. Should be lots of goodies.




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