Dallas Tales – A Spooktacular Night

I’m having a Halloween party this year . I’m making an invitation for all of my pup cousins, Luke, Bear, Hank, Willow, Felix, Coco and our special invite, Myrtle.  Myrtle is my new lake friend who ate the rib eye on my Mama’s birthday night a few weeks ago. I am hoping she will come to Camp Longhorn next summer with me and all the cousins. I have always wanted to get the cousins together on Halloween night and this is the year. I can’t wait to see what costumes they’ll find. Hank was a giant lobster last year. I have the most perfect neighborhood to Trick or Treat this year. I’m sure there will be lots of candy scattered everywhere. I’m getting really excited! Here comes Mama with my costume. Wait a cotton pickin’ minute, I ain’t wearing that goofy chicken costume Mama. I really wanted to be Minnie Mouse with that cute little polka dot bow. I don’t know what Mama’s deal is with chickens. I mean her blog is named www.thebigchickenblog.com and she writes about little ole me! Last time I checked Mama, I’m a DOG! And I’m not dressing up as a chicken. Remember that summer the chickens got into our yard and I chased them and got into serious trouble? I get emotionally distressed when I think about chickens, ok? So, if I can’t be Minnie Mouse I would like to be Wonder Woman! Now that we have that settled I would like to plan the menu for the cousins. We love pizza bones, the left over crust from pizza and besides it is Bear’s favorite. I suppose we’ll have to serve Hank’s favorite, rat meatloaf. Ugh! Felix likes that stuff too. Well, it does sort of fit the occasion I suppose. Gulp. I remember that year at camp when we ate so much rat that I got sick. Now I can’t stand the thought of rat. Yep, a few years ago ole Lacy the cat attended camp with us and she caught so many rats we had to invent ways to use them all. That year we had rat burgers, fried rat legs, rat soup, rat nachos and rat tacos. Yikes, I can’t think about rat anymore or I’m gonna upchuck. We’ll definitely have smores as they are my favorite. Hot chocolate too. And potato chips. That helps cut the sweet taste in my mouth and dispel any leftover rat taste that might be lingering.

I understand there will be lots of kids this year trick or treating. I love kids. They are so fun. I have met several in the neighborhood already and they are very sweet. Mama’s gonna have treats all set for them and a few fun surprises. I can’t wait!

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