HEB The New Walmart

Clue number one…..a broken jar of something red at the entrance to the HEB parking lot. I dodged whatever it was to avoid a flat tire immediately on entering the parking lot. Clue number two….a young male driving a minivan obviously didn’t take drivers training to know the proper way of driving in a parking lot. The minivan driver coming out of a lane doesn’t stop and pulled directly in front of me. O my goodness, he escaped the honking wrath of said driver. OK, so I drive on up to find a parking spot. Since the advent of lazy people too important to enter the grocery store HEB has now reserved 12 parking spots for those call ahead shoppers, and prime spots I might add have been reserved. Across the isle from those reserved spots there are another 5 spots reserved for mothers with small children or expectant mothers, 5 handicapped parking spots. On a late Sunday afternoon those 22 prime spots are virtually empty. I circle the lot looking for a spot to park only to find all available spots are in close proximity to Dowlen Road. Excuse me but I have a problem with all this exclusivity. I pull into a reserved for lazy man’s delivery spot hoping not to draw a ticket from the HEB police. Geez, I only need about two items. What’s the world coming to? I mean, I am a senior citizen! Doesn’t that count for something? I have a handicap parking tag in the console but it’s not for me and being very able to walk from Dowlen Road into the store I do have some pride left not to play that card. First of all HEB did a poor job of designing the parking lot as it relates to leaving the store. Checkouts are all weighted on one side of the store. I learned early on not to enter near the produce section because when you leave the store you are half way across the parking lot from where you parked. OK, they’re not going to redesign the store for Gayle. I get my few items and try to exit using another entrance from where the broken jar will surely cause a flat. Folks!!!!! Did your Mama never tell you it’s rude to walk out in front of a car? Backing out of a parking spot you have folks walking behind you, stop and wait. I pull forward and encounter more cows walking right in front of my car. Stop and wait, while tapping my fingers. It’s as if when folks enter a parking lot they forget all they have ever learned in drivers training or what they learned from their Mama! So, forget Wal-Mart…..it’s now the HEB people!

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