Dallas Tales…Goodbye My Favorite Daddy


The fall of 2017 was one of great confusion for me. Mama and my favorite Daddy were gone a lot. They would be here then gone for several days at a time. Mama’s friends took good care of me during those crazy months when I didn’t know what was going on. When they were home Daddy wasn’t going to work every day like he always had before. I really liked him being home with me every day. We could snuggle all the time in the mornings and I got lots of crumbs and treats. Then one day they were gone for a long time, twenty-six days to be exact. I didn’t see them the entire time. Mama’s friends took really good care of me and loved on me. Then one day Uncle Craig come and picked me up to go stay with cousin Felix in Dallas. I had a really great time wrestling and playing with Felix. It sort of took my mind off where Mama and Daddy could possibly be. Then one day it was time to come back home. Gee I was so glad to see Mama, but where was my favorite Daddy? He wasn’t with Mama when she came home. Mama picked me up and held me real close and told me he had gone to live with Jesus in heaven. Mercy I didn’t understand that at all. Every morning I went to Daddy’s bedroom to look for him. I would lie on their bedroom floor like I always used to do when he was getting ready for work in the mornings. Surely he was just out getting the paper and would return soon. Mama would come find me whining in their bedroom. She is so sweet to me and many times she would lie on the floor beside me and cry with me. It’s been three months now since Daddy went to live in heaven with Jesus. I miss him so very much. Mama tries to give me lots of extra attention but I can hear her cry too sometimes so I go and help her just like she helps me. I am really trying to understand this whole heaven thing but it’s really hard. Mama tells me everything will be ok and that together we will be ok. She tells me that God is watching over and protecting us both. I just have to trust her cause I love her very much. She’s a really sweet Mama. But I miss my favorite Daddy so much. I love you Daddy!

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