Dallas Tales – Shopping At Maida’s


Dallas Tales – Shopping At Maida’s Belts and Buckles

I think I have this puppy psychology down pretty good by now. I have lived with Mama Gayle almost three years. She’s a sweetheart and loves to travel but I get lonely when she’s gone. I miss her terribly. Last week she was packing to go see her grandson, Carter, graduate high school. I could tell she was not packing my items to be included on this trip. No leash, halter, food, treats were jumping into my travel bag! Seriously? With some quick thinking I came up with a plan. I would lay on the rug leading to the back door and look really pitiful. Well, that didn’t work, so I whined a little. That didn’t work. She gave me some story about needing to go into Houston to this very upscale belt and buckle store. Lots of gorgeous leather items and incredible silver and gold buckles made especially for their store, Maida’s Belts and Buckles, www.maidasbelts.com . Anyway, so what, I know about all those things because my favorite Daddy had one of those handsome belts. He let me sniff and look at his belts cause he was a cool Dad. She was about to leave any second so I had to pull out all the stops and play the ole prayer hands act. This is where I sit back on my little hiney; hold up my little paws together resembling prayer hands and whine. Yep, she fell hook, line and sinker. That whiney, hiney trick always works with her. She proceeded to tell me we had to bring my matching leash and halter since we would be shopping on Westheimer in Houston. She was hoping store policy wouldn’t keep me from entering the store. I told her I’d bring all my charm to the table, not to worry. After the long ride over to Houston she snapped the leash and into the store we went. At first I didn’t think I would get to stay but after a few minutes I charmed my way into the hearts of their employees. Mama made a quick purchase while I surveyed the store. Just about that time I heard a loud squawk! What in the world? Save me Mama! I looked and my eyes fell upon a huge parrot in a cage near the counter where I was standing. If he comes out of that cage he might bite my ear off. The owners quickly dispel my fears and tell me he’s harmless. Nice to meet you, Nelson the parrot. Several employees seemed to think Jack Russell’s were cute. Whew, thank heavens for my pedigree! They spoke lots of nice words to me and even posed with me for a photo. I fell in love with that store. The folks there were very friendly. I liked the smells inside; all the leather reminded me of my trip to the farm. I think Nelson would be a great asset when I escape every now and then on Mama’s trips to Houston. He could swoop down and unlatch the kennels for me and my friends who might be staying nearby. You see, when Mama checks into a hotel, I look around to see what other dogs might be staying as well. I signal those pups with my special soft growl letting them know when their parents are out for the night we’ll be patrolling all of Houston’s finest restaurant dumpsters nearby. Do you realize just how much good stuff they throw in those dumpsters? Geez, Nelson can fly therefore he could swoop at will into those dumpsters for all of us. He would also be a great asset to take care of those pesky rats that lurk nearby. Surely he knows how too finagle opening his cage door to sail out of the store as they lock the door for the night at Maida’s. You think Nelson speaks puppylese? Next time I visit Maida’s I’ll have a conversation with ole Nelson about restaurant dumpster diving with me and my crew. We’ll be best friends in no time at all. I mean, who could resist this sweet puppy face? See ya soon Nelson.

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