Dallas Tales…My First Day At Camp


OK, so I just spent my first full day at camp! Wow, what an experience. No one explained this camp was mostly for kids. A small detail left out of the online brochure. I have never been so scared in all my life. Those crickets were singing so loud I thought they were about to dive down and carry me away into the hills. I mean, I had no idea I was gonna be sleeping outside. People, I’m used to being inside. Yeah it’s nice to just go potty anytime of night but geez, it’s dark and scary out here. At least my cousin’s are with me. Bear, Luke, Felix and Lacy the cat are sound asleep. So does this make me a fraidy cat? Well, maybe so. I have a thousand things running through my head about now. Like…..are there bears out in these woods? Bobcats maybe, who might sneak up and jump in our dog yard? Then those rats, yuk! I thought I could count on Lacy to scare those rats away but then I learned she doesn’t even care for rat! Incredible that a cat doesn’t have an appetite for rat after all those great recipes I mentioned yesterday, rat meatloaf being among my favorite. Those rats come out at night gobbling up all the crumbs dropped by the kids during the day. They love it when all those kids roll into camp. Those rats have a big meeting just before camp starts. The rat chairman divides the camp and assigns the rats their territories. The oldest rats get the best territories, which are nearest the kitchen. The young rats don’t really care about their territory, as they don’t need as much food anyway. They just like to chew on things, like dog tails! Yikes! Get me out of here! Mom, come get me, I’m being eaten alive by a rat. Ok, Dallas, settle down, you’re just dreaming. Felix just told you those stories to scare you. Felix came as a young pup to camp several years ago and one of the big dogs at camp told him that rat story. In a few years you will have the pleasure of scaring another young pup new to camp. So go to sleep and in the morning the schedule says all dogs are free to swim in the lake. Just be sure to watch out for that big ole alligator.

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