Dallas Tales…..Dallas Goes To Camp


Camp Longhorn here I come! Geez, I’m finally old enough to attend camp with my cousins, Felix, Bear, Luke and of course I suppose we’ll have to let Lacy the cat come along too. Besides, having Lacy around we won’t have to worry about rats. Wait a minute, what do you mean Lacy doesn’t like rat? What? Are you kidding me? All cats like rat! I mean, there’s chicken stuffed rat, rat meatloaf, ground rat hamburgers, rat potpie, fried rat and I’ve been told grilled rat wrapped in bacon is to die for!

I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Let’s see, I’ll need a small trunk to hold all my stuff, things like a few extra collars, harnesses, leash, swim trunks, goggles, my favorite cinnamon treats, chew bones, sun glasses, hat, some of those cute doggie boots, balls, chew toys, thunder jacket and oh and I can’t forget my stuffed monkey. I can’t wait to try the dog paddle canoes, made especially for small dogs like me. They’re made with a place for my little legs to hang out and dog paddle the canoe around Inks Lake. I’ve heard that there are lots of rabbits out there at camp. I’m gonna have a ball chasing those little cotton tails around. I have lots of experience chasing turtledoves and squirrels. We even have a raccoon that comes out at night but I steer clear of that dude. They have huge claws and big teeth. My Mama told me to never get close or they might tear me to shreds. I hear they have campfires at camp almost every night. So cool! I’ve never been to a camp so I’m thinking they’ll have smores, popcorn, candy, kool-aid, Hawaiian punch, sour patch candy and all that cool junky candy while we sit around listening to scary stories. Yum! I can hardly wait! Felix just hates those scary stories but Bear and Luke love them. Once while Felix was visiting my house I told him about a giant lizard that resembled a big old alligator. That ole lizard stayed under the front porch and he ate so many bugs that summer he couldn’t crawl out from under the porch. We told Felix to not go near that porch or that giant lizard would bite his leg completely off. Sure enough one very dark night, the crickets were screaming up a storm, the hoot owls were hooting and scouting for rats. Poor Felix was lying very near the porch sleeping that hot night. He had forgotten the story about the giant lizard. Felix was sound asleep when the big owl swooped down to capture the rat that had escaped the claws of the giant lizard. Poor old Felix jumped a mile high as he felt the owls feathers brush by him in the dark of night. Felix ran under the porch and mercy he came face to face with the giant lizard. He scraped most all the hide off his rear end as he was escaping from under the old porch that dark hot night. Pass the smores please!

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