Dallas Tales – Missing My Favorite Daddy

My Favorite Daddy

Whelp, my favorite Daddy has been a little under the weather again. Never did quite understand how someone could be ‘under’ the weather but you know those humans, they do talk kinda strange sometimes. Because of Daddy’s condition that means that sometimes I get to visit different folks. Like Miss Ruth and Mr Craig. They have three dogs themselves but they made room for little ole me. Bailey is the elder pup and he keeps us all in line. Then there’s Charlie Brown who’s a bit older than me. Charlie Brown is a sweet pup, made me feel right at home. Their baby is Toby, a schnauzer who’s about a year old and just lots of fun. Toby and I ran all around, wrestled over the chew bone, and just had a ball. My favorite place to hang out at Miss Ruth’s is the sofa. Except that I didn’t know Miss Ruth doesn’t allow her pups on the sofa. Oops! You see I have my own love-seat at home. Mom keeps a cover on it just for lil ole me. I love you Mama! Well, Miss Ruth was trying so hard to make me feel at home she never told me I didn’t belong on her sofa. She just put a cover on there and made me feel right at home. I love Miss Ruth, she made me feel really safe. It was such fun spending the week out at Miss Ruth’s home. She has lots of farm animals. There are longhorn cows, horses, a visiting duck, and who knows what else out in the woods behind the house past the windmill. Boy would I love to have a run in those deep woods. Might be a bit scary but not if Mr Craig was close by. Well, I’m certain Mama would never allow that and maybe I’m secretly glad. Besides we all had great fun playing in the yard watching the baby calf just beyond the fence. It was a very fun week.

Dad’s home and I think I’m on my way to becoming a therapy dog. Surely I am close to being certified. I sit right beside Dad’s chair and follow him everywhere he goes. Geez I am so excited that he is spending more time at home. He’s getting very generous with snacks. He has to sneak around past Mama though, cause she thinks I shouldn’t have anything from the table. Well it all started with peanut butter. Dad always gives me just a tiny taste of peanut butter when he’s making a sandwich. Or it might be a tiny chip or Chex mix. Mmmmmm he’s gonna be in real trouble if Mama catches him. I’ll never tell. I’m loving it! Thanks Dad!

One thought on “Dallas Tales – Missing My Favorite Daddy

  1. This one brought tears to my eyes!!!! Loved each story, Gayle! So glad you have your sweet little “Dallas”!! Know she is a great companion!!! Keep the stories coming!! Debra


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