Dallas Tales – Feeling Chipper


It’s been awhile but I’m back! I have learned so many new things since we last talked. I developed a taste for table food. Now Mama says boo hiss on that stuff for me. But my favorite Daddy sneaks me a little morsel when we catch Mama gone. I love love love peanut butter too! Dad usually lets me lick the old butter knife when he makes a peanut butter sandwich or better yet when he cuts an apple and dips his apple in the peanut butter. I am in love with apples. They’re good for you right? One a day keeps the doctor away and all that stuff.  Then I found these little flakes on the floor a few days ago. They tasted a little bit salty and very crisp. I’m in love with potato chips now. When Dad opens that big ole bag of chips you can hear it next door. I learned the sound of a chip bag opening very quickly in my young life. When that happens I am front and center in the kitchen with the most pitiful look on my face I can muster. Sad eyes, tail wagging but of course I am too classy to beg. I would never stoop that low, well unless it was apples, chips or peanut butter.

Tonight I am riding out my first hurricane, well ok, it’s a tropical storm. Lot’s of rain, thunder and lightning. I am all snug in my little bed and have the covers pulled up. I’ll see ya’ll in the morning! Nite nite!

Love ya,

Miss Dallas Jones


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