Dallas Tales…My Favorite Daddy

I’ve been missin’ ya’ll! I have a lot of catchin’ up to do. I went for Thanksgiving holidays to my cousin’s in The Woodlands. Thanksgiving night my Favorite Daddy had a heart attack. Everything was just crazy for a while. I didn’t know what was going on for days. But thank heavens I had my cousin dogs and cat to help me. Max, Luke, Bear (he’s so big you’d think he was a real bear), and Lacy the cat. Berkley and Aunt Shannon spoiled me rotten. I learned to climb stairs to Berkley’s room. Luke wasn’t too keen on that plan but he shared the space in Berkley’s bed. Luke sleeps there every night on the foot of her bed.

Mealtime at my cousin’s house is a real fiasco. But Aunt Shannon figured out that she could fence me in the hallway by the pantry and I wouldn’t have my food scooped up by the other dogs. I was pretty picky when I got there. Mom buys me this really high quality food. Truth is I don’t really like it so I just graze and nibble. Whelp, have you ever tried to graze and nibble when 4 sets of eyes were staring you down, one of which was a giant German shepherd named Bear. He’s really sweet and we talked thru the little fence Aunt Shannon erected. Pretty soon I began eating the same dog food my cousins were eating and I loved it. I learned when the food is put out I had better eat. I am a changed pup. I was there about 2 ½ weeks before my Favorite Daddy was able to come home. I had a wonderful vacation.

We came home just before Christmas. I spent lots of time lying in Daddy’s lap. I am pretty certain I could be one of those therapy dogs. I love him so much. I would lie real still and be careful to not jump around. If he wasn’t feeling too good, I’d just lay at his feet. Mama was real proud of how I took such good care of Daddy. He’s doing really well. He’s getting better every day.

Mama says she knows why the good Lord sent me to live here now. It was so I could doctor Daddy back to health.

Well, bye bye. I’ll see ya real soon.



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