Dallas Tales

The Big Chicken meets Dallas. The ‘Dallas’ of Dallas Tales. Dallas is a Jack Russell mix who just happens to be a girl! Well, I’ll be! You’re just gonna fall in love with Miss Dallas and all her adventures. She’s a real social butterfly. Her day didn’t start well this morning. She upchucked before breakfast. Tell you what, I’m just gonna let Dallas take over from here……….Mama (that would be my human Mama) just about freaked out this morning. I was just a little under the weather. I barfed right on her good rug in the den. She immediately decided I needed to visit the vet’s office. She told Dad to hurry cause she was takin’ me to the vet. We arrive and the look on that lady’s face. I don’t think she was too happy Mama didn’t call to let them know we were coming in. They put us in a room to wait. Did you know there’s a real bird in that waiting room? He was squawking at me something awful. Story is he can talk. Mmmmm…..I wonder if he knows I eat birds! Yep, I caught two baby turtledoves in my back yard a few weeks back and I sure have a taste for feathers now. Oh, a nice lady just came in with her cat. Lady, lady, over here. I love to meet people. Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be sick. But lady could you just please pet me a little before the Doctor comes in to check me over. I think I’m feeling all better already.


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