Dallas Tales – How I Found My Home

On a beautiful Sunday morning in November I decided it was time for a little adventure! I had covered every inch of the yard I was living in and well, the grass looked a little greener on the other side. I found a nice small bend at the bottom of the fence and I just slipped right under. The folks I was living with had tried to secure all the noticeable places I might escape but they didn’t know they had a little Houdini on their hands. The next-door neighbors had a big space under their gate so it was real easy for me to slip right through. I was just having a big ole time jumping up and down, running all around in this big back yard next-door. Then the owner came out to leave for Church and spotted me. He called for his wife to come see. He said, “I think we’ve got us a dog.” His wife comes outside to see what all the commotion was about. Well, I was busted cause I had just met the wife a few days before. She tells her husband, “oh, that’s just Dallas, she lives next door.” The wife brings a nice fluffy towel and swoops me up into her arms. They drive me around the block and take me home. Nice folks. Monday comes round and the rambling fever is just gettin’ the best of me. Where’s that hole in the fence. All right, there it is, just as I remembered. I slipped right through and was gone for a few hours having a big ole time. Well, the lady who rescued me the day before saw me in her front yard. She comes running out calling my name. She sounds so excited, I’ll bet she has a treat for me. I ran right into her arms. She takes me home again. The folks that owned me before told the nice lady that they didn’t think they would be able to keep me as they had an older dog that was a little cranky. Plus they wanted a cat! Mercy sakes alive, I heard that cat talk and knew I had to do something. That’s when I started planning my escape.

Story is my new Mama (human Mama) wasn’t looking to have a dog just now. Now my new Dad was looking for a dog every day. God knew Mama wasn’t gonna go out and find Dad a dog so he just caused me to run right over next door to my new home. I looked up into Mama’s eyes the day she took me home and she just melted. Yep, I’m going home with this lady today.

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