The Big Chicken Blog

13620333_1181624628541455_7823585465932746821_nI’m Gayle Jones and I’ve been a big chicken all my life! What I mean by that is… I have dreamed of at least a thousand options for a business but always decided I wasn’t sure I should put that dream into action. Then there’s the blog I intended to start for several years. I never got around to that action plan either. But today is the day! I finally, if all goes well when I push the publish button, will be posting my very first blog. My first love is God and His son Jesus Christ. My hope and goal for this blog is to help people find joy in their lives. I want people to be happy! Simple as that. Life has become far too complicated and busy. My desire is for the reader to recapture the simplicity that life can be. Whether that be cooking a meal, planting flowers, sharing a cup of coffee with friends. I want you to have those great big belly laughs that restores the soul. So come along with me on this journey. And remember to smile!


2 thoughts on “The Big Chicken Blog

  1. Gayle you are a real Blessing !! I enjoyed reading and was Blessed by your writing which made me smile!! You should write a book…it would Bless people!!!
    You are a remarkable woman…keep up the Good work & get started on your book !! Thank you for sharing.


  2. You are an inspiration. What a wonderful testament to what I believe is the life God means for us to have. Kudos to you…..


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