Dallas Tales – The Bus Trip

Mama! Why didn’t I listen to you? When I decided to ride the bus to camp this year with 15 other pups I thought I would have the time of my life! Geez, was I wrong. Yep, I packed my trunk and Mama put me on the bus to Camp Longhorn instead of driving me herself. I imagined a comfy bus with lots of treats, a comfy seat and plenty of pillows. Oh no, they loaded us into kennels with no blankies or mats. I asked the attendant, “does my Mama know you’re throwing me in a kennel with no mat, blankie or pillow? And, no kennel cover either?” I mean, “Sir, do you know who I am? I am a very famous dog! I am Dallas, star of Dallas Tales!” And with that they slam the door shut and they pull away from the pickup point. We had not gone very far when all the pups began howling, barking and whimpering. The pup in the kennel next to me was so frightened he began throwing up. I tried to tell him he would be ok, but he was terrified. He’s a cute little Toy Fox Terrier. He was shaking all over. Pretty soon the bus settled down to a smooth hum and the little Fox Terrier next to me finally went to sleep. I named him Foxy, such a sweet little pup. We rode for what seemed hours and hours. Surely we’re there by now I thought to myself. It was beginning to get dark outside by now and we weren’t there yet. This crazy bus driver must be lost! If he would let me out of this kennel I could show him the way. I have been to camp so many times I could find my way blindfolded. There’s nothing to do but take a nap myself and dream about camp. I woke up to see the sun streaming into my little eyes. Mercy, I guess we drove all through the night. It’s only a four-hour trip from my home. This is ridiculous! I feel the bus coming to a stop so we must be there. Nope. The bus driver was only taking a break and having coffee and breakfast. What about us poor little pups? We’re hungry, thirsty, scared and tired, plus we certainly need a potty break ourselves. The driver gets back aboard and begins to take off. I am about to take matters into my own hands. Who is this goofball driving the bus anyway? I hatch a plan with the other pups. I have made a jailbreak once before when I was staying in a hotel room. I told the other pups I was gonna jiggle my door open. I told them to be really quite when I sneaked out of my kennel. I told them I would sneak around to their kennels and undo the latches on them all. I instructed them to stay put until our opportunity to escape came. I gave them the signal I would use when it was time to break out of this awful bus jail! Surely we weren’t far from camp by now.

Another hour passed and finally I heard some familiar sounds. It was the sound of kids at camp. I would recognize that sound anywhere. As the bus rolled to a stop and I heard the door open I gave the signal to break out of this awful place. All at once every dog knocked those doors open and headed for the exit. That goofy old bus driver was standing in the door when a huge Rottweiler bowled him over like a bowling ball. When I came down the steps of the bus he was laying on the ground cursing a blue streak. The old driver was screaming for us to come back because he hadn’t collected the money for our trip. Every dog was in a hard run to freedom. I darted ahead and told the pups to follow me. I knew the perfect hiding place and also a great place to get food and water. Geez, what a day and a half! I’m gonna listen to Mama from now on out! I tell you, I was praying while I was locked in that kennel that God would save me and the other pups. I have got to figure out a way to send Mama a letter telling her I want her to pick me up from camp. I can’t ride that awful bus home. There goes my neatly packed trunk with all the treats for my cousins. At least I decided to wear my lumberjack hat on the bus so I will have at least one costume. I guess we’ll have a big ole group of pups on this campout. How can I tell the 15 pups on the run with me that they can’t stay at camp with me? We’ll figure it out. Like they say…it’s not my first rodeo.

May be an image of dog

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