Dallas Tales – Meeting Aztec

Those lazy camp days came to an end with the discovery of the wild coyote pup. This is sort of like having a baby to check on every minute of the day. It’s up early scavenging for food, deciding what the poor little thing can eat. After sneaking around the back door of the mess hall kitchen we found a couple of raw eggs that weren’t broken…..I know, another miracle. The cook had set the carton out on the back garbage can lid and it just happened to have the eggs still intact inside. And the bonus was the egg carton was in one of those plastic garbage bags that Bear was able to hang around his neck for transporting out to the little hollow where our little baby coyote was sleeping. Bear and I told the other pups to just sleep in and we would be back quickly. Hopefully they don’t get into any mischief while we’re gone.

Bear and I follow our trail back out to the tiny hollow. It’s just like we left it. We wrestle open the carton and place an egg on the ground. Bear cracks the shell just a bit with his paw. We roll the egg down into the hollow beside the little coyote pup. He’s obviously hungry. Bear can tell the egg shell is not open enough for the pup to lick the egg inside. I found a long heavy stick and brought it to Bear. He takes it in his mouth and carefully pokes the egg just enough for the little coyote pup to suck the egg into his mouth. Another successful feeding. Now it’s time to get back to the other cousin pups to see what they’re up to. You never know what a bunch of young pups will do while you’re gone. We left Luke in charge but he’s getting along in years and doesn’t hear so well.

We arrive back at our campsite under the old front porch. Not a pup in sight however we see Luke fast asleep in the back corner. I wake Luke and ask where the pups might be but he has not a clue where they’ve gone. Luke says he is just gonna stay around camp today. All the travel to camp has worn him out. We assure Luke that’s fine and scoot out to look for the pups.

As we approach the lake we can hear the pups all jumping in the lake, splashing and have a big ole time. Looks like a pretty good idea so Bear and I decide to join them.

After swimming and playing we all come out, shake all that water off and find some big trees to lie down underneath to sleep awhile. Dogs need their sleep much like a bunch of teenagers. We ask Hank to stay awake and on alert just in the event bad weather comes up or any snakes decide to cruise into our nice little hangout.

There’s nothing like a good nap after a swim. I am fast asleep dreaming about all the goodies we’re likely to find tonight after dinner for the kids at camp. It’s barbeque night and the feast will be amazing. I wake up to find Hank standing right over me excited to the point of frenzy. I ask him what’s going on? Hank is talking so fast I can hardly understand him.  He’s half talking and half pointing up into the sky. I tell him to slow down and use his words. Finally Hank tells me he hears several huge hawks squawking in the area where our little coyote pup is located down in the little hollow. There’s no time to waste. I shake Bear awake and tell him what’s going on. He calls all pups on deck, meaning giving orders of what we need to do immediately. Bear gives the command for all pups to follow him quickly up to the little hollow. Bear cautions that those huge hawks can pick up a small dog and in light of that he pairs a small dog with the bigger dogs. Bear gives the charge and we all follow. As we near the area Bear told us to begin barking our most ferocious bark we could manage. He we go. Geez, I have to admit I’m a little nervous at the thought of those big hawks with their sharp talons. There are three hawks on the ground near the pups den in the hollow. The hawks just know they are about to feast on that poor helpless coyote pup. Not if we can help it! Let’s go guys, bark, bark, bark. Bear and Felix begin making the scariest growl I’ve ever heard come out of their bodies. The little dogs are yapping their heads off. Those old sister hawks aren’t budging. Mercy, now what? The hawks are cackling now that weird sound just before they pounce on their prey. I don’t know if that’s gonna be one of us or the poor coyote pup. I look around to see if there’s any way possible out of this predicament. I believe its time for one of those quick prayers again which I belt out just between God and me. God give us favor in this situation to overcome the evil before us! Just about the time I open my eyes I see a new terror. Oh my goodness now there’s a pack of coyotes ten strong. There are ten coyotes bearing down on us! Instead of charging little ole us they charge the hawks and the hawks take flight and leave. Whew! But now to face the coyotes realizing they may think we kidnapped their little coyote pup.  The coyotes begin howling the weirdest howl I’ve ever heard. Then one of the largest coyotes I’ve ever seen steps forward and lets out a blood-curdling howl.  Somehow his howl sounds very familiar. He begins walking towards us and says, I am Aztec the chief coyote on this mountain. I remember you pups from summers past. We made a pact to not invade each other’s territories several years ago. You have kept that pact faithfully only encroaching last summer when you were lost. You are a very responsible pack of pups. We have watched you each year as you visited our mountain. We have seen the respect you have not only for each other but also for our land. We also know the respect you have for our pack of coyotes. You have tried very hard to not cross our territory. Regrettably one of our coyotes crossed over into your territory. It was time for one of our coyotes to give birth and she was too far from home. She didn’t anticipate you would arrive so soon. She moved one of the coyote pups before you got up here but was unable to go back for the other little coyote pup. We took great notice of the gentle care you showed our little coyote pup. You went to great lengths to provide food for this little one of ours. And today you risked your very lives to save our little coyote pup. I’ve heard it said, there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Today we cease to be enemies.  Forevermore it will be known within our coyote pack that you pups and those that come after you will be welcome in this great place. We can never repay you for saving the life of our little coyote pup. Peace to you my friends.

With that Bear sat back on his hindquarters and reared his to front legs in the air as a symbol of thanks. Bear then invited all the coyotes to our closing day ceremony tomorrow. Ole Aztec and his crew retrieved the little coyote pup and made their way up the hill.

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