Dallas Tales – Good Morning Campers


Yawn…..geez I slept good after eating all those pizza bones. Time to rise and shine my little pups! We gotta go and seize the day. After all we only have two weeks this year. Let’s have roll call camp chairman. Big Fee begins roll call. “Luke, Dallas, Coco, Bear, Hank, Willow, Willow, Willow.” Willow is not answering. Oh no, where could that little newbie be hiding? Hank says, “I think she might have eaten just a bit too much rat meatloaf last night.” That stuff is so rich and evidently if you, barf, have a taste for it you just can’t quite quit eating the stuff. Mercy me, I can’t for the life of me imagine even tasting that stuff. Well, we’ll need to see who is staying in camp with Willow while she recovers. About that time little Willow says, “I’m ok. I don’t want to miss out on anything. I’ll be ok.” Looking a little green around the gills she hops into motion.

OK guys, the weather is gorgeous, the lake is sparkling and the kids aren’t out quite yet as they are still at breakfast. I thought today we’d go on a rock climb. I understand Catahoula hound dogs are particularly good at climbing so I thought we would let Hank lead our expedition today. Hank jumps with excitement at being the leader for today. Dallas will pack the snacks and we’ll be off. Since Dallas has been at camp a few years already she knows where to find the quickest source of food. That would be right outside the kitchen where the kids are having breakfast. With her little backpack she loads up all the leftovers, donuts, waffles, pancakes, cereal bars. I do hope there’s some peanut butter in some of those cereal bars. Remember Dallas some of those kids are allergic to peanut butter. Geez, my Uncle Craig could not have grown up without peanut butter. His Mama said that’s about all he would eat when he was a little kid. Spoiled brat is what I think. I would’ve made him eat the broccoli. Hehe!

Here we go. Lead the way Hank. I tell you that Hankster can run with those long legs and right in back of him is Bear. I thought this was gonna be a nice leisurely hike up the rocks by the lake, pausing to look at all the beautiful scenery. Oh no, Hank thinks it’s a marathon. Here we go. “Watch out for snakes and coyotes Hank”, says Felix. Little Willow hears this and almost freezes in her tracks. “Wa..wa..wa wait a second, I might not feel so good”. No one said anything about wild animals!” “Dallas, are there really coyotes out here?” “Well, not too many, you’ll be fine”, says Dallas.

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