Dallas Tales…Summer Camp 2019

Dallas Tales..Summer Camp 2019 Opening DayIMG_1866

The dog days of summer…..now, just who started that saying! Who knows? Probably someone who wasn’t a dog, that’s for sure. I guess it means that it’s hot outside, not much going on and everyone is being lazy. Lazy? Who me? I’m not lazy. Oh, you mean because I sleep so much during the day. A girl must have her beauty rest. Thank heavens I’m not a yard dog. Geez I can’t imagine living outside all the time. Well, prayers for my poor cousins who are off to camp. It can get really hot there. Wait, Mama just came in with my little tiny suitcase. She’s putting my things inside. There goes my leash, extra collar, and treats. Now she bagged the dog food and yikes, my kennel and blankies are going to the car! Mama, it’s hot up there! Oh well, guess I’ll be joining the cousins soon.


We’re on the road on the way to camp. I’m thinking back to some of the memories I made last year at camp. The cousins and I did have great fun. Oh yes, and I seem to remember Radar nominated me to be Camp Chairman this year. It will be great fun with new adventures I’m sure. Hopefully my newest cousin, Hank, will be there too. Hank’s a Catahoula hound dog. He mostly lives in Mississippi but he was born right here in Texas! Yay, a good ole Texas boy. I tell you, that Hank has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. His eyes look sort of like people eyes. It’s kinda of spooky, especially at night! I just asked Mama if Hank was coming to camp and she assured me he was on his way as well.


After a long ride I’m finally at camp. There comes Felix, Coco, Bear and Hank to greet me. Sooooo excited to see all my cousins. Laci the cat decided she would stay home for the summer as well as her little pup brother Luke. Luke is getting older and really doesn’t need to be out in the heat. We’ll miss Luke and Laci.


The cousins remembered I would serve as camp chairman and have my little space all prepared under the big main house. Guess Mama can just take my kennel and blankets back home. It’s gonna be dirt floors under the big house or camp outs under the stars.


Hey you cousins lets go down to Inks Lake and see what the kids are doing. Felix you be in charge of Hank cause this is his first camp. Off we go to the water. Can’t wait to jump in and take a swim. It’s gonna be nice to cool off after that long car ride. Felix, where’s Hank? Felix looks around to see that Hank has seemed to vanish. Where could that little pup have gone so quickly? Oh no, oh no, that can’t be little Hank up on top of that big slide? I know Catahoula’s can climb but geez he’s all the way to the top! Gulp. As camp chairman I can’t have an injury on the first afternoon. The entire camp now sees Hank up there and they’re all chanting, “slide, slide, slide”! I can’t look……….

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