Dallas Tales – Camp’s Over


Just like that another year of camp has come and gone. This little camper has had the time of her life! But hey it’s not over till it’s over. We’ve still got chapters to write so lets go!

I barked all my friends up out from under the camp house porch to our meeting area down by the lake. We’ve all decided we would really like to try that big slide that goes directly into the water. I thought the best time to try that out might be during the kid’s quiet time each day. So now all that’s left to figure out is how to get everyone up that big ladder. Geez, that might be a problem but hey we’re going for it. I told my pup friends I would go first. Now why did I do that? That ladder looks so scary. But it’s too late to back out now. Carefully I hop onto the first step then I just pretend I am climbing the stairs at Felix and Coco’s house. Careful Dallas, don’t miss a step and for goodness sake don’t look down. So far so good. Yay, I made it to the top. Come on guys you can make it. I turned around to look down that big red slide and I almost fainted. I had no idea I was so high up. I was concentrating so hard on climbing the steps that I didn’t realize how tall this slide was. Gulp! Me and my big mouth. Why did I say, “Oh, I will go first”! Dallas, what were you thinking? Now there’s only one way out of this mess I’ve gotten myself into. I gotta slide. Yep, I’ve just got to say a quick prayer, jump on that slide headfirst and do a belly flop into the lake. I will either look like a complete idiot or the biggest hero at camp. We’ll see. Here goes. Lord help me to make it down and not drown. Help me to look like I know what I’m doing! Here I go! Yelp, yelp, yelp, yelp, ahhhhhhhhh, woosh! There it’s done. I am above water, dog paddling to the side like a world-class seasoned diver that knows completely what I’m doing. Yes! I say to myself when all at once I hear all the pups giving me ten paws up, barking wildly in approval, shouting, Dallas, you’re our champ! I gotta tell ya, I felt pretty good about myself. Talk about a camp experience, this one just about tops them all. Radar, Felix, Coco, Bear, Luke and Laci ran to meet me and were all giddy about my first slide down ole red. I asked why no one followed me up the slide. One by one they all had excuses of why they hadn’t followed. They all admitted it looked like such fun but they chose not to slide. I guess I just set the bar pretty high for next year. Whew, at least I don’t have to slide again. Truthfully, I was scared out of my wits going down that big slide. I thought it was lights out, goodbye Dallas and Dallas Tales right along with it. Thank you Lord for saving me from my bad choices. He does that sometimes but oh, we shouldn’t put Him to the test like that!

We’ve decided to have our own campfire tonight way out near the big rock. Everyone has brought sticks all day to put on the pile. Radar has put a big piece of paper under the pile, I have brought a small magnifying glass I found on the campground. The sun will shine through that magnifying glass onto the paper and poof, we’ll have our campfire. I mean dogs can’t make a fire any other way. It’s finally dark and the fire has a nice glow. Radar is the camp chairman and storyteller. He tells the best tales at night. I just love listening to old Radar. He begins his story tonight telling of when he was a young pup. He grew up way out in the country. He never had any brothers or sisters. That’s why he was always so excited to come to camp. He waits all year just for this week. So Radar goes on with his story. Radar says; like I was saying, I grew up way out in the country. It was so dark out there we had to pipe daylight in just to get some light. The trees were big and tall, casting shadows everywhere. One bright moonlit night I was almost asleep when I heard the most gosh awful scream. I jumped so high I hit the roof of my doghouse. I eased out and looked around when all of a sudden, our old cat raced by so fast I thought her hair was three feet behind her. What in the world was going on? I tiptoed on around the corner when to my shock I saw the biggest colony of bats I have ever seen. They were all hanging on the back porch of the old house. I always heard that those bats would jump on your back and suck all the blood right from your body. Geez, Louise! I normally sneaked in the old house every night after everyone was asleep, pushing the old screen door just right to let myself inside. Well, those bats look like they’re asleep so maybe if I just barely try to pull the door open I won’t disturb them. Careful Radar. I take my paw and catch the bottom of the door. Good, this is gonna work just right, I’ll be inside in no time at all. All of a sudden my paw slips off the door, the door slams shut so loud all those bats come swooping down towards my back. Woof, woof and woof. Help, I’m being attacked and eaten by bats. I remember the old water tub down by the barn filled with water, so I make a run for the tub and jump in and stay under water for a minute. I stayed just long enough to let those blood sucking bats fly on back to their cave out in the woods. Whew, that was a close call.

Radar says. pup friends its time to tap out our campfire, but before we go I think we should nominate Dallas to be our camp chairman next year. Dallas’ brave slide today convinced me of how brave she is and to be chairman you must be brave. You must also care about one another and Dallas has proven her friendship by taking such good care of little Coco during her first camp this year. So pup friends, time to tap out the campfire. Turn around and start digging. Sling the dirt onto the fire until it goes out. The big dog tap out is complete. See ya next year. Woof Woof!

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