Dallas Tales – Second Week at Camp


Whelp, it’s my second week of Longhorn Camp. It’s taken me all week to round up my pup friends. Some were late getting to camp so our sleeping arrangements kept changing every day. Little Coco was a little homesick so I spent lots of time showing her around camp. It’s her first year so she didn’t understand how things worked. Things like where to get her food, water and treats. When I explained that camp would be one big scavenger hunt for food every day she almost fainted! The truth is I thought the same thing my first year at camp. Thank goodness for the friends I made that first year. They took me under their wing and in no time at all I knew where to find everything.

I am very excited to see rat meatloaf is still on the menu this year. It was my very favorite last year. I can’t wait to see the look on Coco’s face when she sees that meatloaf. I bet that beautiful little white furry face will turn green after I tell her what’s she’s eating. But it’s really really good if she’ll just taste a bite. Well rats, no treats tonight; the big dogs beat us to the back door of the camp kitchen. I’ll post a pup there tomorrow evening early to guard those treats.

It’s been such a big day of swimming in the lake, running all over chasing rabbits and trying to dodge all these kids. We try to stay hidden most of the day and come out at night when all those little campers are in their cabins. It’s the first night for all the pups to be in camp and the oldest pup this year is my big Rottweiler friend named Radar. The oldest pup is always the master storyteller for camp each year. It’s great to be friends with Radar because no one messes with Radar! He’s big, bad and loud! He’s got a bark that would scare the horns off a longhorn. Oh my, I just know he’s gonna tell that really scary story that had Felix running under the porch last year. Poor little Coco is about to be welcomed to camp! But don’t worry I’ll take good care of her.

Tomorrow I have to leave camp for a few days and return home. It seems two chickens back home have invaded my yard. Chickens? For real? We’ll see about that!

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