Dallas Tales….Bear!



Bear, did someone say bear? Mercy me, I’m outta here. Run for your lives, curl into a ball, isn’t that what they say when a bear is chasing you? Ok, so where am I gonna hide? No cover anywhere. What’s a pup to do? Wait a minute, what? Bear is a dog? Well you could’ve fooled me! Mama told me I had a new cousin and she did say he was kinda big, but this dude is huge and he’s only 4 months old. Just one of his feet are larger than all four of mine combined. He is sort of cute. I’ll go outside and meet him, let him get used to me cause we are cousins after all. Oh, my, here he comes galloping towards me. Whew, he only brushes beside me, thank goodness. Thought he was gonna knock me in the pool. So this is Bear. Well, he actually looks like a little bear, beautiful brown and black coat. He is an amazing german shepherd. I need to get in his good graces somehow. I decided to tell Mama to buy him a big ole box of large milk bones. I gave him one, tossed it in his kennel really quick. Mmmmmmmm……he’s just playing with it. Wait, he doesn’t have enough big teeth yet to chew it up. Oh well, at least now he thinks I’m swell! I think I’ve made a friend forever. So, I’ll see ya around Bear!  So my cousin count is growing quickly. Lacy the cat, Max the schnauzer, his brother Luke, also a schnauzer with new pup Bear in one house. Jack, a big golden retriever and his brother Felix, a big Irish Cream retriever who live in Dallas, not to be confused with little ole me.

They need to come visit me and help run these crazy birds outta my yard. I found a dead turtledove yesterday and wanted really bad to eat it, had it in my mouth when Mama caught me. Mercy that woman drives me crazy. I’m a yard dog woman! I mean I’m from the country! See ya round.

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